CIO Healthcare Payer Summit | October 4, 2016 | The Palmer House Hilton - Chicago, IL, USA



Make the Shift – Healthcare Payer Transformation

Thought Leadership - 10:45 am - 11:15 am

Change is a now consistent factor in every facet of a health plan’s operations. The industry as a whole is being pushed, by consumer pressures and regulatory demand, to shift from older transaction-oriented models to a more practical and responsive performance-driven future. 

Unless the transition is made, payers and other health organizations will struggle with unsustainable medical spending, reduced surplus and profits, higher disease burdens, and possible disintermediation. The benefits of making the shift—away from a focus on transactions to a performance-based model—are significant. 

Traditional IT environments simply cannot support tomorrow’s healthcare requirements. Business and technical teams can no longer work in separate silos. Healthcare organizations must adapt to—and survive by—constant innovation. That requires employees to become more collaborative. Organizations must drive scale-appropriate experimentation, with a new focus on speed and performance.  

Attend this session to learn how your organization transforms itself for performance-driven future that can translate into healthier populations, sustainable medical spending, and an enhanced quality of life for members.

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