CIO Healthcare Payer Summit | October 4, 2016 | The Palmer House Hilton - Chicago, IL, USA



Data Integration and Population Health

Think Tank - 3:55 pm - 4:25 pm

With the ability to handle big data and the increased availability of healthcare data from various ambulatory and non-acute sources as well as consumer data there is great opportunity to look at quality outcomes for a population. The current challenge is how to connect data across the continuum through disparate data sources. Current regulations governing interoperability have not delivered a way to look at patient care across multiple sites Additionally, the challenge is how to collect enough of the right data from providers and patients while ensuring patient privacy. By moving to a model where all data from a healthcare transaction, from EMR data all the way to claims payment data, a more consistent and holistic view can be generated, and deeper insights discovered. CIOs need to begin laying the groundwork for this future today by looking at their data collection and analysis platforms, their communications capabilities, and their interoperability standards to ensure the technology doesn’t impede the progress. 


  • Big Data initiatives have had tremendous benefit in every industry to which they have been applied; next up is healthcare 
  • In healthcare, there are data management capabilities but significant challenges to partner tightly with providers and patients to collect the requisite data and connect the data across the continuum 
  • CIO’s need to begin preparing for this change now, thinking about the impact on their data architecture and data sharing processes

Presented by:

David Levine, Global Senior Vice President Advanced Analytics/ Head of Medical IT, UHC (Vizient)