CIO Healthcare Payer Summit | October 4, 2016 | The Palmer House Hilton - Chicago, IL, USA



Leadership Lessons from the Edge of the Arctic Circle

Think Tank - 10:10 am - 10:40 am

Even though there are compelling arguments for healthcare professionals to more wholeheartedly invest in leadership development, for a variety of reasons, many of us do not fully commit to making that investment. 

 We all know that leadership development is important, but like the treadmills collecting dust in many of our basements, we get distracted by the many other “shiny” objects competing for our attention, and therefore do not always take the actions that we should take. 

 As was the case with me, we must convince ourselves that investing in our own leadership development and in that of our leadership team is not only the right thing to do, but is also a “high gain” activity. 

Don't forget to actually LEAD! 

L – Lean into your leadership role (Resolve to learn about leadership theory and more importantly become convinced that any investment made in becoming a better leader will indeed have a positive impact on both us and our entire team. It is a key responsibility in our roles and not an additional duty that is secondary to “real” work). 

E- Empower (Remember that you are in charge primarily to “charge up” others. Provide the vision and goals then get out of the way and let the team find the best way to achieve them). 

A – Adapt (Successful leadership is often highly situational. Leadership approaches should ideally vary according to the situation and person specific needs. One size does not fit all). 

D – Demonstrate (Be the change you want to see. The world needs more demonstration and less instruction).

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Ralph Cagna, Director IT Regional Hospital Operations, Cleveland Clinic View details